Useful Eclipse plugins

Following on from my note on FileSync, I thought I’d gather a list of useful plugins I use and have a look around for any new ones that are useful.

First, my usual ones:

  • Subclipse
  • eclipse-cs (Checkstyle)
  • PMD
  • FindBugs
  • Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP
  • Apache IvyDE

And ones I’ve recently tried out and found useful:

  • LogViewer – allows tailing of multiple log files, with coloured highlighting based on configured words and regular expressions
  • MoreUnit – allows quick creation of test classes, quick switching between a class and its test, amongst many other things
  • EclEmma – highlights code coverage of unit tests directly in the editor when you run the tests
  • Mousefeed – aids learning of keyboard shortcuts by displaying the corresponding shortcut when you perform an action using a mouse click

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