Catching up with what’s new in recent (and not so recent) versions of Eclipse

When new versions of the IDE are released, I’ve often updated my install and carried on without paying much attention to what’s new other than what I happen to run into. So here I’ve trawled some “what’s new” and “new and noteworthy” documentation for things I found useful – some of them surprisingly old!

Juno (4.2)

To improve the presentation of the Debug perspective, the common debug control commands (Stop, Resume, etc.) have been moved out of the Debug view and into the global toolbar.

The global toolbar can be customized with the Window > Customize Perspective… action to add or remove debugging commands, or to show/hide the debug toolbar completely.

Old toolbar behavior can be restored by first toggling the Show Debug Toolbar option in the Debug view’s menu, then by disabling the Debug toolbar from the Customize Perspective dialog. (source)


A second addition in the same section of the compiler preferences, Switch is missing ‘default’ case, controls whether the JDT will flag switch statements with a missing default case, because such a switch statement will be skipped entirely at runtime if an unexpected value occurs. (source)

Helios (3.6)

Package names in Java views can now be abbreviated with custom rules. The abbreviation rules can be configured on the Java > Appearance preference page. (source)

Ganymede (3.4)

Unsorted views like the Outline view and the Members view in the Java browsing perspective can now be used to rearrange members by drag and drop. (source)

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