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Steve Yegge blog posts

I’ve recently been browsing some of Steve Yegge’s (lengthy) blog posts, something I’ve been meaning to do since I found out about him after his platforms rant. Here are a few that I found interesting.

Singleton Considered Stupid – when you use singletons, what you’re often actually doing is forgetting all about OO programming, and simply use classes as namespaces.

Google’s Secret Weapon – how Google was winning the smart people recruiting game back in 2004 (and probably still is).

Being the Averageist – why programmers don’t know how competent they are (we can’t measure it), why most don’t bother trying to improve (lack of incentive, or a company culture), and many other things.

Practicing Programming – how your day job isn’t real practice that’ll improve your skills, why you need to learn/practice, and what sort of practice you should do.


Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

Came across this blog post by Patrick McKenzie, which I found pretty interesting especially the “other career advice” bit. He makes a lot of good points, although some of them are slightly cynical.

Some of the points I found most interesting, summarised:

  • The only real goals of writing software are increasing business revenue, and decreasing costs.
  • You’re better off working on software that does the former, for various reasons.
  • If you’re talented, the software stack you use doesn’t matter that much when it comes to getting employment.
  • Job benefits like free coffee cost almost nothing and are no excuse for less compensation.
  • Modesty will get you nowhere. Good communication skills and confidence will.
  • What gets you jobs is giving the perception that you can create value.
  • Social grooming affects us all. People back poor ideas of people they like over good ones from people they don’t like. People like people who they think are like them.