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Links from the past four weeks, 7th July edition





  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMnZiTL0tUc – The Secret to Safe Continuous Deployment: how a team at Google uses “perceptual diffs” of screenshots of their web application to detect things that usual forms of automated tests won’t

I have a few more interesting things queued, they’ll have to wait until next time though as I haven’t had time to read them properly and/or play with them.

Ehcache BlockingCache bug, Guava caches

I’d forgotten about this one until it caught me out again recently. I can see why it can’t be fixed though: putting an element with a null value is what you do to release the lock. Thankfully it’s easy to work around by using a plain object as a “null marker”. That does cause some boilerplate in methods that use the method though, so it might make sense to create a decorator that deals with this if you have a lot of it.

Next time I need some in memory caching though, I’ll be considering the Guava caches as quite often the capabilities of Ehcache aren’t required in applications that use it. I particularly like the fact that a self populating cache can bulk load using the CacheLoader.loadAll method, unlike Ehcache’s SelfPopulatingCache.