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Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money

Came across this good post from a while ago by Rob Walling about Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money.

A few points I noted, or reminded me of things I’ve seen:

  • Developers want to build software that they can take pride in. Management often only want them to build the minimal thing that’ll work.
  • “Being forced to build crap is one of the worst things you can do to a craftsman”, and it feels like a failure even if you do it on time
  • Developers want to learn new things and be challenged, in order to be happy.
  • We want to work on the right kind of challenges. Not, for example (my own one here), spending months trying to sort out crappy software someone else wrote.
  • We need to be listened to, and where needed actions need to be taken based on what we say. The build is slow, we need faster machines.
  • We want to build things that matter. My own example, not some obscure counter-intuitive feature that we know will never get used.
  • We don’t like being tied down by poor legacy systems we have to accommodate and work with.