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Dump of a few interesting Coding Horror posts

I could spend hours delving through the archives of Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog, but there are only so many hours in the day. Here are a few bookmarked posts I wanted to post links to for posterity.


Programmer comfort


Dropbox startup lessons learned 2011

An interesting presentation I came across some time ago by founder Drew Foster – Startup Lessons Learned 2011. Some of the things I found interesting:

A problem affecting just 0.1% of user base is still 25,000 people when you have 25 million users

This is no surprise, but something some service providers probably hope we don’t think of when we read their post-outage PR statements.

Don’t launch anything half-assed

– We usually launch “when it’s done”, but trying to get more predictable

– “Does less” is okay; flaky/ugly/confusing is not

I think that’s a good strategy to take, if we have the freedom to take it. We don’t always have that as developers though, with external pressures of varying grades of legitimacy sometimes meaning that we have to “just get something out there”.